Neon Rainbow Fish




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  • Care Level : Easy
  • Temperament : Peaceful
  • Color Form : Blue heads with red rears
  • Lifespan : 5-8 years
  • Size : Up to 4.5 inches
  • Diet : Omnivore
  • Family : Melanotaeniidae
  • Minimum Tank Size : 30 gallons
  • Tank Set-Up: Freshwater with plants and swimming spaces
  • Compatibility : Peaceful community

6 things to know about South and Central American cichlids.

  1. Experience Level: Intermediate
  2. Breeds: Popular South and Central American cichlids include – Rainbow Fish, Oscar, Firemouth, Jack Dempsey, Blue Ram, Convict, Blood Parrot, Midas, Angelfish and Texas cichlids Size: They grow up to 3-10 inches (7-25 cm) long
  3. Lifespan: South and Central American cichlids live for 10-20 years depending on the species
  4. Habitat: They are best housed in a cichlid-only aquarium as they may eat fish small enough to fit into their mouths
  5. Behavior: They are often territorial and may become aggressive when trying to breed


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