Mekong puffer




The Pignose Puffer Tetraodon suvattii is a medium sized freshwater puffer fish reaching up to 6″ (15 cm). The turned-up nose of this puffer fish gives it a pig nosed appearance and the black V-shaped mark on the back of its head looks distinctly like an arrowhead. These features resulted in common names like Pignose Puffer, Arrowhead Puffer, and Hognose Puffer.

Some other common names are Mekong Puffer, derived from its native origin, and Suvatti Puffer derived from its scientific name. In a general manner it can also be described as a Target Puffer or “Target group” puffer. This is a group of Tetraodon freshwater puffer fish that are so-named because they all have a distinctive circular marking, or eyespot, on the back half of the body between the dorsal and anal fins resembling an archery target.


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