Malabar Dwarf Puffer Pea Puffer




This great little puffer has become very popular with aquarists. It is pretty, small and easy to keep.  It is completely freshwater so does not require salt, unlike other puffers.

We recommend that they are kept in mainly species only aquariums (although they are very happy with Otocinclus) but many aquarists keep them with other fish as well without issue.

Species – Indian Dwarf Puffer – Carinotetradon travancoricus

Current Size – 1cm

Adult Length – 3cm

Temperature Range – 24 – 28°C

pH Range – 6.57.8

Special Requirements – These should be regarded as semi-aggressive fin nippers. Can be sensitive to Nitrate

Tanks Mates and Compatibility –  Ideal in species only tanks or kept with Otocinclus etc.

Feeding – Can be fussy eaters. Love small snails and can be encouraged to eat live or frozen foods. Not keen on flakes or pellets.



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