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Leichardti Arowana For Sale

Leichardti Arowana for sale, they are regularly called Australian spotted arowanas and spotted barramundi. Like Jardini arowanas, fish of this species truly do well in bondage and have adjusted to benefiting from pellets and frozen food sources. They will quite often remain at the lower part of the aquarium, though other arowanas will more often than not stay at the outer layer of the tank. Leichardti arowanas are not famous aquarium fish. Sexing: There are concentrates on that correspond head size to orientation that are 70% precise
Leichardti Arowana – Scleropages leichardti (otherwise called saratoga arowana or Spotted Australian Arowana), size is around 4 inches generally. Extremely dazzling and sought after intriguing arowana that many have been searching for. These arowanas just come in so regularly so they are ensured to sell quick. Wild-got and tank raised, as of now benefiting from live bloodworms and feeders. The fish you find in the pics and video are the real fish we have available that you will get.

Contrast Between Jardini Arowana and Leichardti Arowana?

Many fish keep specialist have been posing us this inquiry consistently while choosing which arowana to pick. Regularly, the inquiry is the way to separate between a Jardini and a Leichardti. The Leichardti Arowana (Scleropages leichardti) attributes are as per the following:
A straight dorsal profile with their head in accordance with their back
The barbels point straight
Little red spots are on the balances
Red spots are seen as in the focal point of their scales
There are no examples on their gill cover
Shading is silver

The Jardini Arowana (Scleropages jardini):

The dorsal profile has a slight bend and it’s head is slanted down
Barbels are pointed descending
Blades have around 2-3 enormous red spots
Scales have red bows
Gill covers have an example
Shading is dim bronze

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