Hight Back Golden Arowana


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Hight Back Golden Arowana 

Hight Back Golden Arowana, Asian Arowana are interesting and honorable fish that look similar to the conventional Dragon of Ancient china. It is accepted to be favorable and represents strength, success, karma and riches – and furnishes any aquarist with great Feng Shui. Prestige across Asia for their image of abundance, these fish have a life expectancy more than 20 years, and are a lovely speculation for the ideal tank.

Details of Hight Back Golden Arowana

Species name: Scleropages formosus
Normal Names: Super High Back Arowana
Max. size: 24 inches
Climate: freshwater
Beginning: Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam
Personality: Relatively non-forceful towards fishes that are to enormous to be viewed as food.
Organization: Larger non forceful species.
Water boundaries: pH 6.5-7.5, temperature 25-30°C/77-86° F
Aquarium arrangement: Large aquariums with a great deal of free regions to swim on. This species is a magnificent jumper so a safe top is essential. The base design is of less significance since this fish abides in the upper water areas. A couple of bigger it are valued to drift plants.
Try not to utilize sharp articles since arowanas are effectively scared and could hurt themselves And a grown-up asian arowana will expect around a half year to recover a dropped scale..
Taking care of: Accepts all sort of live food
Rearing: Have been breed in aquariums and afterward under exceptionally checked conditions. Asian arowanas are generally breed in enormous open air lakes in Asia.

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