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Black Arowana Fish For Sale

Black Arowana fish, Black Arowana are local to both black and white water floodplains of the Amazon waste bowl (Rio Negro) in South America. Black arowana fish for sale can as a rule be tracked down flourishing in still to quiet, acidic waters with a lot of vegetation. They are basically the same as the Silver Arowana beside hue, demeanor, an exceptionally high protection from “drop-eye”, and that they are a slimmer fish according to body profundity (it’s likewise accepted that they can endure a colder temperature limit than Silver Arowana).
Black arowana (osteoglossum ferreirai) have been alluded to as “living fossils,” since they’ve changed very little in the course of the last 150 million years. These huge hunters can reach up to 40 creeps long, albeit most kept in a home aquarium will just stretch around 30 inches.

Aquarium Care For Black Arowana

Because of their enormous size, black arowana should be kept in a major aquarium. A grown-up ought to be kept in a tank with a base limit of 240 gallons and a base width of 30 inches, albeit more modest examples can begin in a more modest tank if vital. Their tank will require a sand or rock substrate, locally acquired bits of driftwood and a lot of vegetation. Ensure the cover of your aquarium is fixed safely, as these fish can hop up to six feet out of the water.
Tank Mates: Black arowana are by and large a tranquil types of fish, in spite of the fact that they will quite often be forceful toward individuals from their own species. They can be kept with other fish, yet remember that they’ll eat any live fish that will fit in their mouths. All things considered, you’ll have to keep them with other hotshot, such as lima shovelnose catfish or huge oscar fish. Assuming you’re keeping a few huge fish in one tank, be sure that they have sufficient space.
Black arowana are severe carnivores, despite the fact that they’re not particularly finicky eaters. They can be taken care of a mix of expert cichlid or arowana pellets or pieces close by a scope of new, frozen or live substantial food sources. Reasonable food varieties incorporate minnows, krill, apparition shrimp, enormous bugs, insects, tubifex worms and mealworms. More youthful examples ought to be taken care of a few times every day, while grown-ups ought to be taken care of just one time per day. Feed just what they can complete in three to five minutes.

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