Many of the most expensive fish are tank-sized, even larger fish like Electric Eels.

Nothing short of a swimming pool or public aquarium sized enclosure can handle a full grown Arapaima. These Amazonian megafish regularly reach 6 feet and can eventually double that.

While Arapaima (or Pirarucu) don’t leap like their cousins the Arowanas they do share their indiscriminate eating habits. Arapaima will consume anything that can fit in their cavernous mouths; fish, birds, reptiles, swimming mammals, insects, and more

They also have the ability to breathe atmospheric air, surfacing every 10 minutes to take loud, sucking gulps. The noise is distinctive and helps indigenous Amazonian hunters track the fish.

  • Scientific Name: Arapaima gigas
  • Size: 7-12 feet
  • Fact: Whole Foods is selling Arapaima as a farm-raised alternative to Halibut and Chilean Sea Bass at some locations in the USA


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